Bambike Creates Jobs Building Bamboo Bicycles

When Bryan Bryan Benitez McClelland, founder of Bambike, recently visited New York, I had the opportunity to ride-along with him on one of his premium bamboo bicycles. I was the photographer, interviewer, editor and producer for this business video profile piece for NBC News’s Asian American section. Read Filipino-American Entrepreneur Is Building Bamboo Bikes to Improve the Planet by Erik Ortiz on NBC
Bryan Benitez McClelland, founder of Bambike, takes one of his bamboo bicycle creation for a ride as he discusses the environmental and social impact of his Philippines based company. (Video: John Makely & Jon Sweeney / Photos: Jon Sweeney)
Bryan Benitez McClelland, founder of Bambike - Photo by Jon Sweeney
Bryan Benitez McClelland shows off one of his company's bamboo bikes in Central Park, New York. (Photo: Jon Sweeney)

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