Photos in Motion
I began my career as a newspaper photojournalist and I've always had a connection with still imagery. Video is a powerful tool, but nothing conveys a story better than a well crafted photograph. When pictures merge with video, something special is created.
Outside the Frame: John Moore
John Moore traveled to Liberia after the World Health Organization described the Ebola epidemic in the country's capital as "catastrophic." 
After seeing Getty Images photographer John Moore's work from inside Ebola ravaged Monrovia, I knew I needed to interview him on his experiences. Death tolls were climbing, a cure nowhere in sight, and still many denied the existence of the disease. After Moore arrived, the situation continued to decline: isolation centers ransacked, violent quarantines, inadequate medical conditions and more deaths.
I was the producer, editor and reporter for this video, which was the second installment for the "Outside the Frame" series. Special thanks to John Makely and Matt Rivera who helped shoot the interview.
This Year in Pictures
Experience the photos that defined 2014. (video editor and producer: Jon Sweeney | photo edit: multimedia department)
Every week, the multimedia department produces the Week in Pictures. At the end of the year, the staff takes on the task of selecting the most powerful images to be included in The Year in Pictures. It has been my responsibility to put these images in motion, by selecting the audio, researching accompanying news video and editing the final product. Above is an example of the finished product from 2014.

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