NRDC's Brian Palmer Explains
Natural Resources Defense Council reporter Brian Palmer explains complicated topics and concepts using real and tangible objects. What we produce finds inspiration from Mr. Rogers' NeighborhoodAlton Brown's Good Eats and good old DIY.
How Air Pollution Kills
Tied to the Trump administration’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan and extend the lives of aging coal-fired power plants, NRDC decided to explain how pollution kills to encourage people to take action. To do this, we enrolled the talents of cinematographer Karl Schroder and prop stylist Carla Gonzalez-Hart to bring life to a script featuring sock puppets and a journey through your nose written by Brian Palmer.

NRDC's Brian Palmer goes inside the numbers -- and in your lungs -- to understand how air pollution kills.

I collaborated with video producer Vijai Singh and Erika Preuss to develop the visual language for the production, directed action on set and worked with editor John Asterita to bring the video to its completion. Oh yes, I was also one of the puppets. Special thanks to make-up artist Kharisma Pari.
Why Coal Has No Future
To tell the story of why coal can never be king, Brian Palmer and I developed the concept of a tiny town and commissioned stylist Andrea Greco to build a paper power grid. The video was shot and edited by John Asterita.

The Trump administration’s argument for coal only makes sense if you know nothing about how the electrical grid works.

Why Trump's Decision to Allow Drilling on Our Coasts Is So Shocking
In order to explain why opening the U.S. coastline to drilling was a bad idea, we knew a map was going to be an integral part of the story telling. I conceived the look of one continuous shot of a game board, with narrator Brian Palmer, traveling in and out of the scene. John Asterita was the editor on the project and art director Alex Spacher designed the map and the game tokens.

The Trump administration announced a plan to expose almost the entire U.S. coastline to drilling. To understand why this decision shocked people, you have to understand a little about how the process is supposed to work.

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